About CMW

The Confidence Factor

It’s no doubt fair to say that you simply wouldn’t consider engaging a builder to design and build a major facility for your business unless you were 100% confident.

Confident in that firm’s ability to deliver. On budget. And on time.

Confident that real thought and genuine expertise will be invested in designing and building a facility that’s specifically suited to your business’s needs, capabilities and opportunities.

Confident that what’s said is true fact and what’s done is done for good reasons.

And confident that you’ll be dealing with people who are accessible by you and accountable to you.

Over the years a growing number of businesses have placed that sort of confidence in us. Our record of repeat business and the ongoing loyalty of our clients is testimony that their confidence has been justified.

Rock Solid

That’s how we build our buildings.

And, as history proves, it’s how we build relationships.

In fact, our dealings with one of our foundation clients have continued uninterrupted for over 20 years. And during that time we’ve designed and built – for this one client alone – more than thirty-five buildings.

Yet another of our working relationships – beginning in 2002 has resulted in over twenty-five projects completed.

Repeat business like this doesn’t come round by chance. It comes by delivering better results, year after year, project after project.